Issues with the exchange, don’t use it!

There are reports of some serious issues with the Sims 3 Exchange. Reports are going around that a “killer doll” is being attached to all downloads. This doll reportedly comes from a malicious user from TSR. Downloading something from the exchange might result in loss of game data.

Simprograms has issued a tutorial for deleting the content, would you have downloaded it:

It appears that the official Exchange is under attack by a custom-created doll from TSR (go figure). The creator’s first version of the doll had some sort of glitch – it attached itself to every house, household, patterns, objects, clothes, tattoos and anything else that you upload to the exchange. You can easily get this by downloading from the exchange to – acting just like a virus. If you’ve been downloading from the exchange, you may want to check the Kids toys section to see if you may have it.

By attaching itself, it is causing game problems for a number of players. The Sims Team is encouraging everyone to NOT download or upload to the exchange until they can weed out this doll from all of the files that it attached itself to. If you have this doll, a kind member from the official Sims 3 forum by the name of glitzyangel posted a walkthrough on how to remove the doll from your game:

1. make backup of your game just in case if something will go wrong. For most of the people this doll is removed successfully without problems.
2. check if this doll is not in your houses as a toy or it’s not in your kids inventory
3. go to install content in your launcher (not downloads) and look for the doll and uninstall it
4. check in DCBackups (my documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/DCBackup) for this file 0×038a68fe04da61a6aa65f939d77fbc37.package and delete it too.
5. check also your downloads because there was the place from where doll was installed (if it was originally downloaded from tsr or from the exchange with some file)
6. also go to your Export folder (my documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Exports) if you sent something recently to exchange or to other sim pages. Because this doll is attaching to the files. It will be in your uploads too. Remove files or clean it with Custard tool. (untick the doll)
7. check all your creations that’s are in your studio on exchange or on other pages that you sent something too.

Also the Sims team has announced the issue and advises to not use the exchange untill further notice!

We are currently experiencing issues with the Exchange and we advise that you DO NOT UPLOAD AND DOWNLOAD content from the Exchange until further notice.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks everyone. SimGuruHydra

More info on the issues can be found in this forum thread. When the issues have been resolved, you will read it here!

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