Another Sims rumor: Sims 3 Realm

Last week there were rumors about a possible Pets expansion for the Sims 3. These rumors have proven to be false. New rumors are appearing quickly however, as our colleagues from SmartSims and Sims 3 Nieuws are reporting that “The Sims 3: Realm” has been spotted on a releaselist. This will probably not be an expansion, but a separate game (kind of like the Sims Stories series for Sims 2). The game would fit in the domain purchases of The Sims Medieval games. The releasedate for the Sims 3: Realm is supposedly March 24th, 2011.

Again, take this as a huge rumor, as there is no confirmation whatsoever that this will indeed be a Sims game or even an EP for Sims 3.
Thanks to Infinitesims for the additional info.

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