Fun tips for a hot Sunday afternoon

We all know them, those Sunday afternoons, where you just don’t know what to do. Especially when the weather gets too hot to be outside (unless you’re in a pool). Below are some fun links and tips to do, while you’re bored:

Create a pattern for the Sims 3
When you feel creative, you can create a pattern for the Sims 3. With the Create a Pattern tool (which you can download for free), you can make your own patterns and import them in your game. You can also upload them to the exchange, so that everyone can enjoy them.

Create your own world for the Sims 3
If you feel that the neighborhoods that come with the Sims 3 are a bit too boring, or you just want something completely different… Then why not make your own neighborhood? With the free Create a World tool, you can build your own Sims 3 world, from scratch. Create a surfers paradise, by making a small island with a beautiful beach, or create a hillside or woody environment perfect for mountainbikers and hikers. But you can also make a relaxed and easy going neighborhood. It’s all up to you. Once you’ve created your own world, be sure to upload it to the exchange!

Create your own machinima
Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Then try to create your own machinima in the Sims 3. A machinima is a (short) movie or film, created with a game. There are already lots of machinima video’s online from the Sims 3, and yours could be next. Check out this tutorial on how to use the in-game movie making tool.

Fun Sims parody
Forkastelig TV is a Norwegian TV channel, that made a parody on the Sims. In this parody, you’ll see several people acting out situations from the Sims. It’s quite funny to watch!

Just play the game
Sure you can do lost of things with the Sims 3, but you can also just play the game and experience the stories and lives of your Sims. If you want, you can keep a diary of everything that happens to your Sims. We even have a special area on our forum, where you can post your Sims stories.

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