What have you been missing about Late Night?

2 Days ago, EA announced the next expansion for the Sims 3. It would be called Late Night. In this expansion, you can send your Sims downtown to go to several bars and clubs. But you also have to watch out for the creatures of the night.

There has been a lot of news about this next expansion over the past few days. We’ve summarized the news for you below, with links to the articles:

July 20th
- EA Announces Late Night expansion

July 21st
- First screens from Sims 3: Late Night
- Trailer for Sims 3: Late Night
- 3OH!3 to make appearance in Late Night
- Screen caps from Late Night trailer
- How to become a vampire in Late Night

If you want to see all the Late Night news coming up, you can follow that easily by using the tag Late Night

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