Is SimCity 5 in the making?

It’s been a while since we’ve last heard anything from the SimCity franchise. Sure EA is making versions for mobile devices like the iPhone/iPad and Nintendo DS, but these are mostly remakes of old SimCity games. But it’s been a while since a “real” new version for PC (and possibly Mac) has been released.

But that might change. Our colleagues from Simprograms have found something interesting. A user from Giantbomb posted some interesting facts. Apparently EA has recently registered the domain Not only that, but they’ve also renewed their domain.

Now that on it’s own might not mean a lot, but the SimCity cycle is nearly due. Usually new SimCity games are released with a span of 4-5 years. The latest SimCity game (Societies) has been released in 2007. So counting 4 years, that would mean that the next game would come in 2011.

All in all these facts are no guarantee that SimCity 5 is in the making. But the facts presented in the topic on Giantbomb do have a point.
If SimCity 5 is being made though, let’s hope that Maxis can make it, so it has the quality of the original SimCity games!

[ Giantbomb: Is SimCity 5 coming soon? ]

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