Dutch simsites preview Sims Medieval and Darkspore

Last month two Dutch websites (SimsPlanet2 and Sims 3 Nieuws) were invited to EA’s studios in the US to get a sneak preview of The Sims Medieval and Darkspore, a new game based on Spore. You can read an English version of Sims 2 Nieuws’ reports on their website, but you’re going to need Google Translate to read the previews from Simsplanet2. They’ve also brought quite a few new screens over from across the pond…

Here’s what they had to say about The Sims Medieval:

SimsPlanet 2 -Sims Medieval Sneak Preview

Sims Medieval is full of adventure, drama, romance and religious influences. The game seems more realistic because the lighting, animations and design are much better compared to Sims 3. Sims in this game are even more amazing. This is certainly an advantage to the game, because your home-made Sims now seem even more beautiful.

Sims 3 Nieuws – The Sims Medieval Preview

The world itself looked very nice and with a lot of details. The landscape looked like a quintessential medieval scenery with all its creeks, rocks and many trees. The graphic aspect of the game is very comparable to the one of The Sims 3, but The Sims Medieval looks a bit nicer, with a lot more details. I have no idea on how big the world is, we only saw a small piece of it. But what I saw, did just look awesome.

And here’s some bits from their Darkspore previews:

Simsplanet2 – Darkspore sneak preview

Dark Spore is truly a game for people who love action-RPG. You must act quickly and properly to reach your goals. The game is more fun because there are some online elements added as well. Your statistics are are recorded and available to view on the internet. Since the game is multiplayer, it’s more fun with other players to defeat enemies. You could just be busy for hours trying to make the best team alone.

Sims 3 Nieuws -Darkspore preview

This game is a complete different game than The Sims. But personally I like it. I also play League of Legends a lot with my friends, which is a game similar to Darkspore. But it is not only comparable to League of Legends, you could also compare Darkspore to Trine. When you play Trine you also control three creatures and during the game you need to switch between them. Darkspore has also got some elements of Diablo and Torchlight. It is not deniable that Maxis got their inspiration out of other games, but in my opinion it seems they have created a good mix.

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