Lots of new info from SimTimes Twitter

Our colleagues from SimTimes are also at the Gamescom in Cologne at the moment. A few hours ago they’ve attended a presentation about Late Night and the Sims: Medieval (SVT was also present during that presentation). They’ve used their Twitter account to Tweet live during the presentation. From that we’ve got lots of new info.
We’ve summarized most of that below!
Please note that some info might already be known, but we just summarized it all for convenience.

The Sims 3: Late Night
- The name for the neighborhood is Bridgeport
- The penthouse can be reached with an elevator
- You can set the color of the hot tub
- There are arcade machines
- There is a bubble machine
- There is a large aquarium for a wall
- You can see your Sims’ star status by hovering over them
- Sims can dance on tables
- A drink can remove bad moodlets
- The vampire bar is pretty dark with some red spots
- Vampires can buy plasma at hospital
- Bridgeport is an island connected by bridges
- You can make windows in your pool that you can see trough
- A special object makes your lot a bar
- You can buy multilevel penthouses
- The new neighborhood is really urban
- You can build pools on every level
- You can call a butler which costs 1200§/week
- You can pay of the paparazzi
- You can play music for tips in the subway
- The game is more about hooking up than about romance

The Sims: Medieval
- The medieval setting really fits
- The castle is really decorated
- Every room is 4 levels high
- Sims look really realistic
- The Sims have 3 traits, one of them needs to be a bad one
- The kingdom has four factors: health, security, faith and knowledge
- You can take on several quests
- There is a bar in the menu to see what quest your playing
- There is only one kingdom in the game
- No horses in the game
- No CC is supported at this time

Special thanks to SimTimes for the info.

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