Sunset Valley Times #3


August is over, that means that today it’s the first of September, time for the third issue of our newspaper!

This month you can read the following in SVT: Sunset Valley maids get their own TV show, man is forced to leave his house through the window and a weird object on the Sunset Valley race tracks. Also bamboo lovers and haters give their opinion on the new clip tax, the community voice editorial and much much more!

Also don’t forget that we are still looking for people to join our team. For more information on that, look for the ad in the newspaper and go to the address listed in the ad!

To read Sunset Valley Times, just click on the button below and click to zoom in. Use the eye button on the top to change the viewing mode. You can also download and print the newspaper, by clicking on the download button next to the full screen button in the zoomed out view.

Open Newspaper

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