Update: Maxis working on XBLA and PSN game?

EA announced a new title today being released for Xbox LIVE and Playstation Network: Microbot.
In this game you are a small robot going inside the human body fighting all kinds of creatures living there.

When you search for the game on the EA website, you’ll see a small packart of the game. Something intersting on that packart can be found in the lower left corner; something that looks a lot like the Maxis logo!

Now no further mentioning of Maxis can be found anywhere (not even on the official game site), so it’s really unclear whether or not Maxis has any involvement in this. Still it’s curious that the company’s logo pops up on the boxart.

File this under a big rumor for now!

Update: Looks like the MicroBot page was pulled offline (therefore also the image on the search page). Did EA spot the mistake, or was the page put online too soon in the first place?

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