Tweets from Town Hall event

Yesterday EA held the Sims Town Hall event. The official Sims 3 Twitter posted lots of Tweets from the event with new information. Read them below.

  • Confession booth where the attendees confessed their Simming stories.
  • Here’s one of the tabloid posters from the Town Hall.
  • Thanks so much Simmers for tuning in with us! Stay tuned, we’ll share more fun pics!
  • Holiday gifts include a snow globe, Kris Kringle, Christmas Tree, Kwanzaa poster & Hanukkah sculpture!
  • “One-Sim Band” – will that be one of your Sims’ Lifetime Wishes in Late Night?
  • TS3 Console will have an Exchange too!
  • Ah, we for got to mention before our last tweet – it’s Q&A – Grant, Rachel, and Ben are taking questions from the audience and online!
  • Karma in TS3 console is another fun way to mess with your Sims’ life!
  • Our vampire’s looking for a bite while we’ve got a clumsy bartender. Oh, and we’ve got a Sim table dancing. He’s gettin’ down!
  • Keep an eye on your clothes if you skinny-dip in the hot tub! Or you could be walking around town in a towel…
  • Bridgeport is looking hot! Let’s hit the clubs! Hm, low-level celeb is trying to get into a high class club. Oh. Denied!
  • A poor suspecting king just got zapped by the sexy wizard’s Flaming Arrow spell. Up next – Late Night!
  • We’ve got a female wizard (in a low-cut gown of course) studying a new spell.
  • Medieval Sims will have Traits & Flaws. Ooh, what’s this – Fatal Flaws!
  • The Sims Medieval will have executioners who wield flaming swords. Will your Sim be subject to the Pit of Judgement?
  • Fellow Simmers here are looking at a map of a Sim noble’s kingdom. Ah chamber pots! Pit of judgement? Flaming swords?!
  • And the console demo ends with a rain of fire on the Sims’ home. Next up – The Sims Medieval!
  • Fans here are watching a demo of a Sim giving birth (in her bikini by the pool) on TS3 console.
  • Grant Rodiek has taken the stage! He’s introduced Ben Bell (many of you don’t need an introduction!) who will now talk about TS3 console.
  • The Town Hall is just about to start! Remember to post your questions for the Q&A session!
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