New cheats in Late Night

Some new cheats have been discovered by our colleagues of Simfans. You can read more about them below. Not all cheats are new and some are not really cheats but more hints or tips. Thanks to Simprograms for the translation.

The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack Cheats
(The following cheats are only possible with this expansion pack / all cheats must first “testing cheats abled true” to be entered)

  1. In build apartments “RBBB on” or “RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings true” – All properties with a mark of public spaces (Normally, lobbies and entrance halls) to the construction and purchase mode to edit. With “RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings false can disable this option again
  2. Vampire teeth in Create A Sim-area unlockOutfits on “- In the Create a Sim’s clothes and outfits of service Sims added. You must enter the cheat before you use to access Create a Sim. Now with The Sims 3 Late Night – to find vampire teeth are in the “Accessories”. With “unlockOutfits off” everything will be removed from the CAS.
  3. Pictures on a wall up and down push / pull (no cheat entry required) Image on a wall place> Hand Tool select> Click picture, hold left mouse button and drag mouse up or down. If the image is in the desired position, release the left mouse button.
  4. Create Shortcut “L” opens the Star-Journal (available only after reaching the first Star levels)
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