New sets in the Sims 3 Store

EA has released new sets in the Sims 3 Store. There are 9 new sets, one of them being free. This free set is fully in style of the upcoming holiday season; christmas decorations. Below are the links and set information.

More Holiday Presents
Gifts for the season that remind us to bundle up and to spend time with friends and family! – FREE!

Morocco Mystique + Cante Captivating
Captivate your guests with furnishings and fashions from a far away land. – 850 Simpoints

Morocco Mystique
No need to book a trip to claim these beautiful treasures from a far away land. Intricate wood carvings and tile work from this collection will turn any home into an oasis! – 500 Simpoints

Cante Captivating
Dazzle the competition as you glide effortlessly across the dance floor in these fierce fashions. – 550 Simpoints

Animals Abound Playground – Outdoor Fun
Scamper your way through the fiercely adorable jungle of critters! – 450 Simpoints

Loads of Laundry
Gather your linens, delicates, unmentionables and your favorite detergent – it’s laundry time! Go easy on the soap and make sure someone’s lipstick doesn’t make it into the washing machine. – 1,200 Simpoints

Ultra Lounge Laundry
Who says doing laundry will never be in vogue? Spin cycle is IN. – 450 Simpoints

I Heart the 50’s Laundry
Retro-style appliances with modern technology. – 450 Simpoints

Bayside Laundry
Laundry won’t feel like a chore with gorgeous appliances like these! The rinse cycle has never been so meditating. – 500 Simpoints

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