Medieval Event London; live reports via Hyves and Netlog

Tomorrow there will be a big event for the Sims Medieval. The event actually takes place in a medieval setting, as EA has rented an old castle just outside of London, United Kingdom. There will be several fansites and other press, so it’ll be a crowded but most likely very fun event.

Among the people visiting the event are also two Dutch representatives. Yours truly (Jordy) will visit the event, together with Lex (Xelles) from Sims Nieuws. However, they are not going there as full fansite representatives, but rather they’ll represent the Dutch Sims social networking sites: Hyves and Netlog. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get any updates here; it’ll just be a little bit later. Keep an eye out on our Twitter feed though, as there will be some information posted there as well!

If you want to ask questions, or stay up to date on the event, then you can! Jordy will keep an eye out on the official Sims Hyve (Dutch) and will try to answer any questions as soon as possible! If you’d rather use Netlog then no worries. Just register with your Facebook Connect, and you can ask Xelles some questions over there!

On the event we have the possibility to play the game, but also talk to a producer of the game. So we’ll try to ask her as much as possible!

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