What we learned from the Sims 3: Generations trailer

Yesterday two trailers surfaced on the internet. The trailers were taken down quickly again, after they were put online. One of them was for the Sims 3: Generations.
In the trailer we saw some gameplay footage from the possible next expansion for the Sims 3. What did we learn from this trailer? Below a summary of things that we noticed that were new.

  • Strollers are now part of the game
  • Sims can have video cameras
  • New clothes
  • Tree houses
  • Teens can pull pranks on other Sims
  • Teens can hold parties while their parents are out
  • Sims can attend their high school prom
  • Sims who will get married can have a bachelor party
  • “Live every age to the fullest” seems to be the tag line.

Remember, it’s still not officially announced that this will indeed be the next EP, so it’s still somewhat of a rumor!

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