What we learned from the Sims 3: Unleashed trailer

Yesterday two trailers surfaced on the internet. The trailers were taken down quickly again, after they were put online. One of them was for the Sims 3: Unleashed.
In the trailer we saw some gameplay footage from a possible future expansion for the Sims 3. What did we learn from this trailer? Below a summary of things that we noticed that were new.

  • Your Sims get pets, both dogs and cats
  • Pets seem to have their own unique personalities and traits
  • Other animals make it in the game too, like a deer and a racoon
  • New objects for pets are added
  • Horses are in the game
  • Sims can ride a horse
  • Coming for consoles and PC/Mac
  • Released October 2011

Remember, it’s still not officially announced that this will indeed be a future EP, so it’s still somewhat of a rumor!

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