What would you like to see of Medieval?

We’ve already written an extensive preview of the Sims Medieval, but we still can’t get enough of the game.
Tomorrow, we’ll be at the EA Benelux office, to get another play session with the Sims Medieval. In this session, which takes a few hours, we get to see the game again and we are planning to go in deeper than before.

Of course, we already have two previews online of the Sims Medieval, so writing another one, would be kind of overkill. That’s why we really want to focus on things that are still a bit vague and that we haven’t talked about yet. And you can help us!

Is there something that you really want to see from the game, whether it’s a feature, or something in CaS, or even in the neighborhood? Then please reply to this news post with your request and we’ll try our best to get some more info and possibly even a screen or a video of it.

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