A Day in the Kingdom – Exclusive screens of Medieval

Last Wednesday we visited the EA Netherlands office, to get another hands-on play session with the Sims Medieval. During this session, we were able to dive into the game more deeply.

Since we’ve already written an extensive preview of the game, we decided that writing another one wouldn’t really be of any value. That’s why we’ve done it a bit differently this time. We wanted to have a look at things that are still somewhat new and unknown to people and really focus on that.

So we’ve put together a small slideshow, which not only shows those aspects of the game in images, but also we’ve found King William of the game, willing to give his comments on all the images. Believe me, that’s bound to be funny! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the slideshow. Of course there is so much more to discover in the game; unfortunately we simply didn’t have enough time to show you everything. But no worries, the game is scheduled for release next week, so you’ll have plenty of time to dive in the game yourself!

If you want to see more screens that were taken during our few hours with the game? That’s possible. Just go to the special gallery! And just so you know; all screens you see there are exclusive to SVTimes and can’t be found elsewhere!

[ 'A Day in the Kingdom' - A Medieval Slideshow ]
[ More screens of 'A Day in the Kingdom' ]

We’d like to thank EA Netherlands for the opportunity to play again with the Sims Medieval!
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