Even bigger Super Duper reveal on Facebook

Today we wrote about the Super Secret Surprise that the Sims team had for us on Facebook. Now they’ve upped the event, by dubbing it “Super Secret Surprise! x2″. What the x2 might be, is unknown, but it’s supposed to be something big. That’s why they’ve also changed the date, to April 5th.

The date has been changed! We have upgraded this Super Secret Surprise event to “Super Secret Surprise! x2″ because we have even bigger news to announce! We will still share something on March 31st, but look forward to the new date. :)

Come to the official The Sims 3 Facebook’s fan page to hear about our big surprise! Trust us, it’s something BIG and you’ll definitely want to be here to be one of the first to hear the news. Any ideas what it might be?

[ Super Secret Surprise! x2 on Facebook ]

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