[Exclusive] SVT coming to a newsbox near you!

Soon you’ll find SVT in news boxes in your city

You all know Sunset Valley Times as the de facto newspaper for all news concerning Sunset Valley (and beyond). You (and your Sims) could only read the newspaper here on our site. But that is soon going to change!

Because we are proud to announce that we’ve landed a killer deal to publish our newspaper in news boxes around the world! That’s right, soon you’ll be able pick up a copy of the Sunset Valley times while shopping, going to the barber or just while you are relaxing at the beach.

We are going to roll out the print edition of the Sunset Valley Times in just one month from now (April 1st). So that means that our next issue of the paper (which is due to release on May 1st), you can both read online as well as offline.

We think we’ve taken just a step further in providing the world with the latest news from Sunset Valley! “News is a universal thing and thus should be universally available. By landing this deal, we can provide even more people with the latest news from Simnation. Because we care about Simnation and feel that their news, is the world’s news!“, according to Jordy, assistant webmaster of the SVTimes.

The print edition of the Sunset Valley Times will be – just as it’s online counterpart – completely free of charge!

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