[Special] Community interview with Will Wright

Several fansites got the revelation of EA recently that the is going to be an expansion for the Sims Medieval. Under the name of “The Sims Medieval: Dark Night”, players will be able to explore more quests and new heroes in this upcoming expansion. To accompany this annoucement, EA invited several fansites to have a joint interview with Will Wright himself. Even though he’s not officially linked to EA anymore, they thought it would be nice to talk to the man who made this all possible.

We’ll be posting the full interview very soon, but for now, we have a few snippets from it, that you can read below:

Q: Your latest project is Bar Karma. Have you ever experienced some bad karma in a bar?
A: *laughs* Well I don’t really visit bars that often. But I did to go a bar once, where they had this specific kind of beer. Now I’m not a beer person myself, but friend told me that I had to try it. So I ordered one and went back to my friends. But before I made it to the table, someone bumps into me and… well let’s just say that that was the first beer shower I ever had. But I’m not sure if that’s a case of bad karma, or just clumsiness of that other person.

Q: Have you ever considered a position as mayor, given the experience you have with that area, because of the SimCity games
A: Well that’s a good question. No I’ve never really aspired to be a mayor of a city. I guess my passion lies more with designing games that involve mayors, rather than actually being one.

Q: If you were a Sim, wouldn’t you hate it that you had to take a shower so often to get your hygiene motive green?
A: *laughs* I think you have a point there. Sims do get to take a shower a lot don’t they. I think that was one of the hard points in developing the game. We really needed to find a balance between annoying and fun in the motives.

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