[Rumor] Another listing for Generations

A few hours ago, we’ve posted about a listing that was found on a Swedish webstore about the Sims 3: Leva Livet, which would be the Sims 3: Generations expansion. Now we’ve found another listing showing the game, but this time on a Danish webstore.

The store has it under the same name (Leva Livet). But the weird thing is, is that this particular store has two listings, one of which is named “Lev Livet“. This might just be an error, or maybe a Danish way of spelling.

All this gives us even more certainty on the existence of the Sims 3: Generations! Maybe we’ll find out more tomorrow during the Super Secret Surprise X2!

[ Danish Leva Livet listing ]
[ Danish Lev Livet listing ]

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