Producer Ryan Vaughan: ‘We love hearing from the community’

CVG has held an interview with producer Ryan Vaughan. He is currently working on the Sims 3: Generations. In the interview he’ll talk about the new EP and what new features it has.

The article also has two new screens of the game.

The expansion takes you through the different periods of a Sim’s life, how is each period differentiated from the next?

The great thing about The Sims 3 is that you as a player get to tell the story, so it’s really up to you how you want to differentiate your Sims’ years. With that being said, we geared some of our new features to represent a few specific themes for each life phase.

For Children, it’s all about imagination and make believe. For Teens, it’s about those moody, rebelious years you face as you grow up. As a Young Adult and Adult, we have a bunch of new features and content that focus on your Sims’ relationships with others; from getting married to having children of their own. Elders get to enjoy their time reminiscing about the golden years and the joys of watching their grandchildren grow up.

[ Computer and Videogames: Q&A with Ryan Vaughan ]

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