Lots of Generations info compiled into list

Our colleagues from SimsVip have collected lots of new info from the Sims 3: Generations and compiled it in a list. It’s a pretty long list, with a lot of new info. So beware, there are definitely some spoilers inside!

New Objects
♦ Usable Strollers to transport your toddlers. One per stroller. For more than one child, multiple strollers will have to be used with other sims pushing them.

♦ Bunk Beds and Loft Beds which can be used by Sims of all ages

♦ Treehouses

♦ New Playground equipment

♦ Sandbox

♦ Water Slide which can be used by all ages (Slip n Slide) not a pool slide.

♦ Video Camera

♦ Chemistry Set to make lots of new potions

♦ Sleeping bags

♦ Children’s toy boxes have been improved with costumes so kids can play dress up.

♦ Pink Limousines

♦ Costume chest

♦ Different sized picture frames

♦ Lava Lamps

[ New info from Generations on Simsvip ]

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