Tomorrow: our impression of the Sims 3: Generations

Last Thursday, Jordy attended an event in London to have a look at the Sims 3: Generations. He was able to play the game himself and has therefore acquired a lot of (new) information. And tomorrow he’ll share that info with all of you!

We’ll post our impression of the event online tomorrow. In that we’ll answer questions, but also give a lot of new information. We also had an interview with producer Graham Nardone, of which we’ll also put a report online. Lastly we have a bunch of fresh new screens which were made during our play-through in London and on top of that you can expect a video report of us!

All in all a lot of new information from the Sims 3: Generations. So from tomorrow (onward) keep an eye out on Sunset Valley Times, if you don’t want to miss anything!

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