Game interviews Graham Nardone

Online retailer GAME was also present on a Generations fan event in London, last month. There they had a little talk with producer Graham Nardone. From this, they have posted an interview online.

Would you say The Sims 3: Generations was all about life experiences?
Yeah! The Sims 3: Generations, at its core, is all about bringing it back to being about the Sims. It’s this rich spectrum of life experiences across all the age ranges and really seeing how it impacts their lives, and what experiences it takes the Sims through. For us it is really cool to be able to have this opportunity to give this to the community because we have never done this experience for an expansion before. We are really excited to see how people respond to that because it is a great way for you to relate to your Sims and take them through entirely new experiences.

[ Interview with Sims 3: Generations Producer Graham Nardone ]

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