Did you know: the Sims dev team

There are more and more Sims dev team people on Twitter now. They do a good job interacting with us, the community, by replying to questions and such. SimGuruShannon posted some Tweets, that give a little bit of an insight in how the dev team operates. Like what type of equipment they have and such. We’ve compiled that info for you in a handy list. Please don’t copy the list without referencing us :) .

Did you know…

  • The team works on development builds. So they have to wipe their system every few weeks. They’ll lose their save games in the process
  • The team works on EA issued laptops. Some of the members of the team have a desktop machine and others even have both
  • The team has got a work/test machine to test builds and work on. Some even have two computers to work and test on
  • The computers have special build that allows the team to select with EP’s/SP’s are “on or off” while playing/testing
  • The team has a pre-launcher (that launches before the actual “retail” launcher)
  • To play the game, no DVD is required; everything is unpacked on the HD. This does require an enormous amount of HD space
  • At the moment, all the games’ unpacked raw data is over 40GB on the dev build computers

These are all more “technical” bits of knowledge. But we’ve also got a few “funny” ones for you.

Did you know…

  • There are several cafe’s, cafeteria’s and even a Starbucks on the EA campus
  • The team has keycards that allow them to open doors, but also pay in the cafe’s on campus
  • When you are late for a meeting, you have to put a 1$ in the money jar
  • This money is then used later to buy the entire team cupcakes
  • One member of the team once handed 20$ at the start of a production process, because he knew he was going to be late quite often
  • The team also has time to pull some pranks while others are away
  • The EA campus has an awesome game room, with arcade machines, rows of TV’s, foosball table, pool table, ping pong table, etc
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