New traits in Generations

In the Sims 3: Generations are two new traits that your Sim can have. Our colleagues of Sims3Cri have found them. Also thanks to Simprograms for the info.

Rebellious Sims take special pride in putting it to the man. Causing trouble (and getting out of it) is their specialty! Whether they’re out after curfew or telling their boss they’ve had it, they’ll no doubt take extra pleasure in it.

  • A Sim with Rebellious trait loves defying authority and has a special knack for not getting caught.
  • Your Sim’s chances of getting caught while setting traps or causing pranks will be greatly reduced.
  • Your Sim’s chances of getting caught violating curfew will be greatly reduced.
  • Your Sim will receive special moodlets and take great pride in interactions and activities that overly rebellious.

Nurturing Sims are great with teens and children. They understand the joys and difficulties of growing up and are instinctively well prepared to take care of them.

  • A Sim with Nurturing trait is great with children and can discipline them more effectively.
  • Children and Teens have less chance of throwing a tantrum when your Sim is scolding them.
  • Your Sim is more effective at socializing with Children and Teens.
  • Your Sim gains relationship faster with Sims that are Teens or younger.
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