Sims 3: Generations to appear on E3?

Next week marks the start of the E3; the biggest games convention. Today we found a full list of games that are (known) the be present at the convention. A quick glance at the EA list shows no new Sims games. In fact, the Sims 3: Generations will be present at the EA booth, with is weird considering that the game will be released this week.

Here is a full list of EA Games present:

  • Battlefield 3
  • Battlefield 3 (Limited Edition Physical Warfare Pack)
  • FIFA Soccer 12
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  • Madden NFL 12
  • Mass Effect 3
  • NCAA Football 12
  • NHL 12
  • Need for Speed: The Run
  • SSX
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • The Sims 3: Generations

It is possible that EA will announce other Sims titles during it’s keynote presentation. We’ll just have to wait and see. The E3 will commence coming June 7th!

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