Sunset Valley Times #12


It’s the first of June which means that there is another issue of the Sunset Valley Times online, ready for you to behold. This issue is issue number 12 and for those who do a little bit of math, you can conclude that next months issue will be the 1-year anniversary issue of the newspaper. So there will be a (small) party. But before that, of course we still have this newspaper. Issue number 12 is ready for you to read now.

This month in SVT: The 52nd Plumbob Picture awards, the annual Sunset Valley cake baking contest, exams disrupted by firemen and a new TV concept that was judged negatively by the audience. Well that and so much more of course!

To read Sunset Valley Times, just click on the button below and click to zoom in. Use the eye button on the top to change the viewing mode. You can also download and print the newspaper, by clicking on the download button next to the full screen button in the zoomed out view.

Open newspaper

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