[Rumor] Town Life appears in Amazon search suggestions

Rumors have been going around for a while now, about the Sims 3: Town Life stuff, a possible new stuff pack for the Sims 3. Here’s another one for you, to fuel the fire of the existence of this stuff pack.

When we were looking on Amazon we saw a search suggestion for several titles containing “The Sims 3 Town Life”. The actual product page was not to be found on the site, but the fact that a search suggestion popped up, shows us that the name is somewhere in the system at Amazon. This might indicate that it is indeed a real product, something that was also hinted at at other stores already.


Click on the image for bigger picture

If and when we’ll get an announcement of this game is not yet sure, but this rumor shows again that most likely Town Life Stuff will be the next stuff pack.

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