Ars: From SimCity to Real Girlfriend – 20 years of sim games

Ars Technica has posted quite a long article about the history of the Sims. Or better put, the history of sim games, because also other games like SimCity and Animal Crossing are discussed in the article.

It’s quite an interesting read, when you see 20 years of history of sim games. Do you remember some of those games from when you were younger?

In the process of completing his first game, Raid on Bungeling Bay, Will Wright developed a level editor that he found more entertaining than the game itself. Digging deeper into theories of urban planning and architecture, Wright converted the editor into a stand-alone product—arguably more “software toy” than game—that asked players to build and manage a city. You could zone land for residential, commercial, or industrial use, place roads, power lines, police stations, and more, all in the hopes of forging a livable, desirable city that could attract “sims” to settle and work.

[ Ars Technica: From SimCity to Real Girlfriend - 20 years of sim games ]

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