Pirates and Nobles listing found on Amazon

Rumors regarding a new expansion for the Sims Medieval have surfaced already quite some time. Now an Amazon listing adds even more fuel to the fire. They list The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles, with a releasedate for August 30th and a retail price of $49.99.

They have the following product features listed:

  • New Quests that follow an epic story arc
  • New Signature Objects – The Interrogation Chair and pet falcons and parrots
  • New Traits a new Legendary Trait
  • Over 140 Pirate and Nobility themed objects
  • Treasure Hunting, complete with maps, shovels, rare treasure and some surprising dangers

The listing shows the game as available on Windows and Mac OS X, so it’s not a console spin-off of the Sims Medieval.
Nothing more is currently known about the game, but we’ll keep you posted.


The Amazon listing for the Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles

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