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Focus on Hidden Springs: Louis Swete

The lovely people at EA asked us to do a piece on one of the Sims living in Hidden Springs. When we asked who the lucky sim would be, they replied with ‘Louis Swete’. Then we where all like ‘How on earth are we supposed to pronounce that?’, which got answered with something like ‘Well how are we supposed to know? We can’t speak Simlish!’.

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Will Wright also fan of Sims Social

We already knew that Will Wright was active on Facebook. But now we have noticed that he is also active in the Sims Social. Turns out Will is still a fan of ‘his’ Sims, and new plays this online game.


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The Only Way Is… Trailer

Fan of The Only Way Is Essex? Whether you’re a TOWIE Fanatic or not, you’ll love the latest unofficial parody video from one of the world’s most successful gaming franchises, The Sims.

Starring popular cast members, Arg, Maria, Chloe and Joey you can expect plenty of ‘LOL’ moments. The girls totter around in their heels looking ‘reeeem’ and the guys follow in true Essex style all suited and booted to tell you just what The Sims is all about!

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Hidden Springs available now

The latest downloadable world, Hidden Springs, for the Sims 3, is available for download right now. At launch, you can buy Hidden Springs for 2250 Simpoints. After September 24th 2011 the world will cost 2500 Simpoints.

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New families in Hidden Springs

We’ve received renders of the new families that you can find in the Sims 3: Hidden Springs.

The Pertridge family

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EA Netherlands gets new site design

The official US already had it, but the Netherlands now also has switched its official website to a completely revamped and fresh design. This new design makes the site easier to navigate, but also less heavy on your PC.

The new website will be fully compatible with other devices such as mobile phones and tablets.


A preview of what the new looks like

[ Visit ]

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EA Newsletter about the Sims Social


Click on the image to open the newsletter

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Get World Adventures iPhone for free

It might be a late notice but for some folks in other time zones it might still be a good deal. The Sims 3: World Adventures for iPhone and iPod Touch is for free today only. We are not sure how late this offer will end but we suggest you get it while it’s hot! [...]

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[GC 11] Live Twitter updates Pets (new info)

Today we are at Gamescom ’11. We’ve just seen a presentation of the Sims 3: Pets for both consoles and PC/Mac. On our Twitter channel we’ve posted live updates of this presentation. During the presentation we’ve got quite some new bits of info.

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