[GC ‘11] Watch EA’s press conference

Even though the official starting date of Gamescom is tomorrow, EA already kicks off the event today with their press conference. And the good news is, you can follow it live!

What is it that EA will be showing? Here’s what:

  • Dr. Ray Mazuka of Bioware will give a live demo of the anticipated MMO STAR WARS™: THE OLD REPUBLIC™. On top of that, he’ll share lot’s of new things from MASS EFFECT 3
  • A new level will be shown from NEED FOR SPEED THE RUN. In it, the main character Jack will have to make his way from San Francisco to New York by traveling through a very dangerous element of nature
  • The SSX-team will show the new SSX Online-Suite live
  • The famous studio DICE will show never before seen footage of a live co-op-gameplay-demo of BATTLEFIELD 3. Also they’ll show a brand new multiplayer trailer
  • A new FIFA 12 trailer will be unveiled and lead producer David Rutter will tell more about the online features of the game
  • And like that’s not enough on its own, there will be many more exclusive announcements

SVTimes will also be present at Gamescom. From Friday through Sunday we’ll have people on the show floor. If you want to know things about The Sims 3: Pets, The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles, The Sims 3: Hidden Springs or maybe even The Sims Social be sure to check out this post and ask us your questions!.

[ Watch the live EA press conference ]

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