[GC 11] Live Twitter updates Pets (new info)

Today we are at Gamescom ’11. We’ve just seen a presentation of the Sims 3: Pets for both consoles and PC/Mac. On our Twitter channel we’ve posted live updates of this presentation. During the presentation we’ve got quite some new bits of info. Some of these bits can be found below.


You can change sims into pets and vice versa with karma powers… Okay

Starting with a cat who can catch ghosts on a graveyard. Which is part of the ‘mystery journal’

Ooh pets can become ghosts too

Pets function like normal sims. So they’re fully controllable

The game is kinect enabled for xbox360 by the way


Cas with mowhawk for horses. You can use layers for fur again. Completely customisable

Markings are REALLY customisable, like custom place per spot

Pets are fully playable on PC too. Including traits.

New neighbourhood for pets: entirely new set of buildings including rabbit holes

Horses live, sleep and ‘woohoo’ in horse boxes

Horse ranch with obstacles to ride and train your horse

Ooh, unicorns! They leave a magic stream of air behind them when the gallop

Pets get around in different ways with different species like dogs can run though other people’s garden

No new careers in this game. Pet careers are exclusive to the console game

New lifetime wishes for sims concerning pets, not for pets themselves. They do have memories though.

Minor pets like rodents and turtles will return (no rabbits). Sims can only get allergic to pets on the console version.

Don’t forget you can follow all live updates also live on our site.

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