Focus on Hidden Springs: Louis Swete

The lovely people at EA asked us to do a piece on one of the Sims living in Hidden Springs. When we asked who the lucky sim would be, they replied with ‘Louis Swete’. Then we were all like ‘How on earth are we supposed to pronounce that?’, which got answered with something like ‘Well how are we supposed to know? We can’t speak Simlish!’. Anyway, to cut a long story short, here’s our piece on Louis Swete…

louissweteHidden Springs houses many colourful figures, sometimes literally. Lois Swete is a good example of this: an odd looking green elderly person living in the woods near the town.

As a grumpy, unflirty bookworm who doesn’t like kids, he hasn’t got a lot to go for with other sims. Hence his preference to live alone in the woods. He is a hopeless romantic though, which might be his only soft spot.

Then again, there’s no need for soft spots in his job. As a wiretap reader in the law enforcement career, he needs to be focused and in good shape to keep up. He likes to get out and go for a swim at the spa downtown, to get his athletic skill up to par.

So Mr. Swete is not much of a people person. In fact, he’s getting quite worked up about some strange new neighbours who moved in a house nearby recently. Who those neighbours are and where they reside? Nobody knows, but we think he’ll get annoyed if anyone even dares to come near his house within a 20 mile radius. This shows in his relationship with Emmaline Rhoen, a woman (also green) who lives a few blocks away from him. Apparently he’s not fond of her strange medical remedies and other quackery, which got so much out of hand she’s now his mortal enemy! …Okay just his enemy, but you’ll get the idea.

That’s pretty much all we know about Mr. Swete, which leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Like why doesn’t he have any family? What made him a misanthrope in the first place? And why is he green? No really, why?

We’re guessing there’s something in the water around there. Probably radioactive stuff…

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