The Sims FreePlay coming to iOS next month

IGN has got the scoop on a new Sims game for iOS devices. The Sims FreePlay will bring a completely new Sims experience to iOS devices. As you can guess from the name, the game will be a free download and you can buy optional extras via in-app purchases.
What makes the game rather unique in the Sims franchise, is that you don’t follow “Sims-time” but the game rather works in a real-time environment. This means that the day/night cycle in the game follows real world times. This encourages the player not to play for hours on end, but rather to pop in during the game.

More info can be found on IGN. What we do know is that the game will hit the Apple App store sometimes next month for iPhone and iPad. Below you can find the first 10 screens, also courtesy of IGN.

[ IGN: First Details on The Sims FreePlay ]

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