Possible leaked trailer for Sims 4?

With all the rumors about Showtime flying over the internet, this next rumor comes as a bit of a surprise.
A team member of Simprograms got this video from a user via Twitter.

It is claimed to be leaked work-in-progress footage of the Sims 4. Simprograms put the video online on their YouTube channel, but saw it deleted by EA within several hours. Usually this means that there is some kind of truth behind the video. But it can also mean that EA has simply pulled it because of copyright issues. Either way, it’s an interesting development.

Since the video was pulled from YouTube, Simprograms has put it on Dailymotion. You can view it at the link below (though that video can also be taken offline). An embedded version will follow soon!

[ Leaked The Sims 4 footage ]

What do you think? Is this trailer real, or did a fan put a lot of time and effort in this?

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