Maxis is back and working on something new?

maxis_logonewWe haven’t heard a lot from Maxis lately. Their last game Darkspore wasn’t a huge success and they are no longer officially linked to the Sims, since that game is being done at a separate studio now.
But from the looks of it, Maxis is making a return.

A job listing shows that Maxis is looking for new people to help out in their Emeryville studio’s.

Maxis is seeking an experienced Graphics Engineer to join our team in Emeryville, CA. In this role, you will be working with a highly talented and experienced team on an upcoming triple-A simulation style game.

* Collaborate with other engineers to integrate with various graphics engine systems
* Work closely with the Art Director and other artists to make it easy for them to create content and iterate
* Create graphics effects systems that meet performance requirements on a wide variety of PCs
* Create and maintain asset pipelines, as needed
* Profile and optimize code and systems to remove bottlenecks
* Test and document the code you write

What do you think this game could be? A new installment in the SimCity franchise? Or perhaps a whole new game? Let’s hope we’ll find out soon!

[ GameSutra: Graphics Engineer job at Maxis, Emeryville ]

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