New world – Lunar Lakes – coming to the Sims Store

This afternoon we wrote about new store content coming to the Sims Store soon. More info would be announced once the Sims 3 Facebook pages worldwide would reach a certain number of likes.

The first milestone has been reached and the name and logo of a new world coming to the Sims Store have been announced. Lunar Lakes will be a new world that will be available in the Sims Store soon.

I’m very excited to announce Lunar Lakes, a brand new world coming to the Sims 3 Store! This is just the logo sneak peek! Want to see more of the world? Keep reaching those milestones!


Click to see the full version

What do you think of this? From the name we guess it’ll be a world with some kind of sci-fi or outer space setting. Let’s hope we’ll find out more of this soon!

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