New screens of Lunar Lakes

The official The Sims 3 Facebook page has reached two more milestones, meaning that they have released some new screens of Lunar Lakes, the upcoming new downloadable world for the Sims 3!

Screen 1: The Crystal Mine is at the heart of the storyline of Lunar Lakes. When the Sims first crash landed on Lunar Lakes they found the crystal mine they used it’s crystal tech to help begin their lives on the new world. The Lunar Lakes that you’ll see now is a few generations after the initial landing.

Screen 2: This is one of my favorite screenshots. It shows you what a unique world we’re looking at. The lakes are very geometric, the trees are very different the land has strange markings. It such a beautiful town. (I honestly can’t wait to play it!)

Screen 3: Another look at the amazing modern houses you’ll see in the world. This has already been passed about (sorry again!) but it really shows the futuristic look and feel of the world.

Screen 4: Inside one of the domed parks! On a foreign planet you’ll have to be careful! So when playing your guitar for tips in the’s probably best to do it in the safety of a dome!

Screen 5: Oak, Fir, Pine? I don’t think so! The lakes were not the only thing to get a makeover in this world. Look at the trees! The multi-colored clustered beautiees give the world alot more flavor!

Screen 6: Another look at the landscape. When the lakes, trees and crystals come together the look is hard to beat!

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