Arcologies back in SimCity?

Now that the trailer of the new SimCity has been released, we’re able to spot some of the features the game might get. One of the things I happened to notice is near the end of the trailer: something seems to be launching into the air in the back…


If you look closely, it looks an awful lot like one of the Arcologies from SimCity 2000!

Arcologies were one of the ultimate goals to achieve in SimCity 2000. They’re basically huge buildings able to house a complete self-sustaining city. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to build them right away. You’d first need a city with a population of at least 120,000 and enough funding to get these things constructed.


One of the arcologies was called the ‘launch arco’, which resembled a space ship. Once you’ve built 450 of those in your city, a message would appear saying ‘The exodus has begun’. Shortly after that all the launch arco’s ‘launched’ one by one into space (or rather exploded into space, since there wasn’t a launch animation) then another message would pop up, saying ‘Your launch arcos have departed into space to find new worlds. You have been compensated for the construction.’, which was basically an ‘ending’ to the game. Though you’d still be able to go on with your city.

Here’s what it looked like:

So hopefully, we might see a comeback of these awesome buildings which made SC2000 so great.

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