More info on paintings in The Sims 3

Paintings. They are a fun skill to develop for your Sims, but you might not really look into it much further. Sure, your Sims can paint lots of different things, but you don’t think twice about that.

Until you’ve read this article. It’s from Ray Mazza, who was on the Sims team. He has created the easel for both the Sims 2 and 3. His article gives an interesting view on how it works and how much work has gone into it!

One of the quandaries we had on The Sims 3 was a goal of making a deeper and more interesting game than The Sims 2, with more content to explore, but without an infinite budget and schedule (go figure).

I was emotionally attached to the easel because I’d programmed it in The Sims 2. It was a great object. I may have been in love with it. So I wanted to design an easel and painting skill worthy of players’ lofty expectations in The Sims 3.

[ Team-Wide Content Creation on The Sims 3 ]

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