Sunset Valley Times is closing down

Our regular visitors might have noticed we haven’t updated in quite a while, with our last post being from March. Though we tried everything we could to keep the site running, the fact is that we’re unable to continue with our work on Sunset Valley Times. So unfortunately we’ve decided to close the site down.

Creating a newspaper takes up a lot of work. The majority of it is writing articles, which takes time, energy and a lot of creativity to keep stories fresh every month. We love making newspapers, and we love to entertain people using one of the most freeform and creative games in the world: the Sims. However, Sunset Valley Times is completely run by volunteers, who donate some of their free time to work for SVT. The small amount of profits we’re getting from ads is solely used to pay for server expenses. More and more staff members were forced to quit their work for SVT because their work or education needed more time. At the moment we’re heavily understaffed, and we haven’t been able to attract enough new people to our team. Because of that we’re unable to keep the site properly updated with blogs and newspapers without our visitors having to wait a very long time before something new comes along. That’s why we chose to close the site down, even though we’d rather stay.

Nevertheless, we have been busy with a new project called Simparool. This is a renewed Dutch Sims fansite featuring news about the Sims, SimCity, Minecraft and more, in a no-nonsense Tumblr inspired format. It’s an experiment, and we’re hoping it’ll be successful in the Dutch Sims community, where we originally came from. You can visit Simparool at

So for now, this will be our last post on Sunset Valley Times. However, if you’re an SVT fan and you have the time, means and experience to run a website and online newspaper, we’re open for people willing to take over the site. If you’re interested, just contact us trough the contact form. It will still be operative as long as the site it still online.

In any case, thank you for being with us and maybe we’ll see you soon on Simparool!


Wouter S.
Head of Sunset Valley Times

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