So what is this all about? Well, Sunset Valley Times, also known as SVT or SVTimes, is an online newspaper with fictional news about Sims, the people from the videogame the Sims. Every month we publish a new newspaper that tells you what’s going on in Sunset Valley, the main neighbourhood in the Sims 3. For optimal enjoyment while reading SVT, keep in mind that SVT isn’t a normal newspaper. We advise to take our SVT news not too seriously – blabbering about ‘pink ghosts who teach children’ probably won’t do anything good for your reputation when you’re not surrounded by simfreaks.

Besides the newspaper, there’s more on SVT’s website. There is also a casual news blog, to inform you about the real news about the Sims and everything around it. So if you want to know what the new expansion set will be or if it’s Will Wright’s birthday already, keep a watch on this section.

The team behind Sunset Valley Times is (partly) the former team behind Simparool, a Dutch equivalent of Sunset Valley Times. The newspaper started in 2003 and stopped in 2007, but now some of the creative minds are back to brighten your day with some joyful Sim news again.

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