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American politician got inspiration from SimCity 4

Herman Cain, a presidential hopeful of the American Republican Party has made the news lately with his ’999 plan’. This plan is focussed all around the American tax system. But did he come up with the plan himself, or did he draw inspiration from a certain video game?

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EA/Maxis starts official SimCity Facebook Page

We haven’t heard anything from Maxis in a long time, but now they are showing to the world that they still exist. The development team at Maxis has started an official SimCity page on Facebook.

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Ocean Quigley’s Projects: Road drawing in SimCity 4

Even though SimCity 4 is already nearly a decade old, the game is still loved by many and seen as the last “real” SimCity game. Ocean Quigly (Art Director from SimCity 4) posted an update on his personal blog, explaining how roads worked in the game. Apparently there was quite some technical stuff going on behind roads.


A GIF image, showing how roads behaved

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