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Sunset Valley Times is closing down

Our regular visitors might have noticed we haven’t updated in quite a while, with our last post being from March. Though we tried everything we could to keep the site running, the fact is that we’re unable to continue with our work on Sunset Valley Times. So unfortunately we’ve decided to close the site down. [...]

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Our Lunar Lakes review

A little while ago, a new neighborhood for the Sims 3 was released. Lunar Lakes takes a completely different approach then the usual worlds that we are used to in The Sims. This world has a spacey sci-fi theme.

Want to know if it’s worth to download? We’ve written a review for it.

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No newspaper this month

If you are a regular visitor of our website, you might be wondering by now where this months issue of Sunset Valley Times is. Due to a combination of several unusual circumstances we haven’t been able to finish the paper before the deadline.

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We’re hiring; come write for SVT

It has been a while, but for all of you who have always aspired to become a writer for the SVTimes; now is your chance. Sunset Valley Times is looking for people to join the team.

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Holiday theme back to the storage

As you may have noticed, the site is back to its “normal” self. We’ve put the holiday theme back in the storage, for later use and it has stopped snowing.

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Sunset Valley Times #19

Happy new year! While outside the fireworks is still shooting in the sky, we have a new issue of the Sunset Valley Times, ready for you to enjoy.

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