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[GC ‘11] The Sims Social also shown at Gamescom

EA has sent us a press release about the upcoming Gamescom. In this release, they have mentioned all the games that are shown at the show floor.

One game that might be a surprise is the Sims Social. This new social game on Facebook, has already been released, though it’s still in beta. Perhaps they will show the final version of the game on the Gamescom?

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Fun new render of Sims Social

We’ve found this render of the Sims Social.


Click the image to open in new screen to enjoy the animation!

It’s a moving GIF animation, so once you’ve seen it, you might need to wait a bit for the animation to play again ;)

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The Sims Social – A review


EA has launched the Sims Social a few days ago. This new online social Facebook game was hyped pretty much and lets you play the Sims online with your friends (in a way).

We have written a short first impression of the game. What do we think of it, will it last long and can it keep you entertained. Well be sure to read our review if you want to find out all about that.

With the review, also come some exclusive screens from the Sims Social, all of which can also be seen in our gallery!

[ My First Steps in... - The Sims Social ]

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The Sims Social now live


Click the image to go to the Sims Social

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Play with ‘Fremenies’ in the Sims Social

Play with Frenemies on The Sims Social on Facebook!

Last week, we introduced you to The Sims Social with our Producer Video which gave an overview of the features and innovations the team has been implementing in the game. Today, we take a closer look at one of the best ways to create mischief with your friends…or shall we say Frenemies? Make your friends laugh and cry with things like rearranging the keys on their keyboards, putting a fish in their bed or implying that their mom is a llama.

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Simify yourself with the Sims Social facebook tool

Always wanted to know what you look like as a Sim? Well now if your chance. The Sims Social has posted a new app on Facebook that allows you to make Sims version of a picture of yourself. Go try it out and post your results in the comments :D .

[ Simify by the Sims Social ]

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Three new Sims Social screens

These screens were posted on the Sims Social Facebook page.

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A few new screens for the Sims Social

A few new screens were posted for the upcoming Facebook social game, The Sims Social.

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Three new screens for the Sims Social

EA has posted three new screens for their upcoming Facebook game, The Sims Social. View them in this post

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