Chat on SVTimes
Talk with other Sims fans, on our own IRC channel. You can use an IRC chat client to access the chatroom, but you can also keep it simple and access it via our own chatbox.

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Chatting on IRC
Would you rather chat with an IRC client, like mIRC or Colloquy? That’s possible. Use the following information to access our chatroom:

Port: 6667
Channel: #svtimes

The following people are currently in the chatroom:


Would you rather like to talk instead of chat to someone? Then try Mumble, our Voice over IP voicechat system! We’ve got our own Mumble voicechat server, which is used for our Minecraft server, but we allow normal chatting there as well. In order to use the server, you’ll need to download the Mumble client from their website for free. Once you’re all set up, use the following to connect to the server, or click on the link in the widget below.

Mumble server URL:

We’re also on Minecraft! Check the Minecraft page for more info on that.


We also have our very own room on Habbo. If you have an account you can join our room and hang out there. Or if you don’t have an account, just login using Facebook Connect and you are ready to go.

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