A Day in the Kingdom



A special presentation…

King William has agreed to take the dust of his old slides and show us a small tour through his kingdom. While he’s showing his slides, he provides us with his unvarnished comments on them. So scroll further for the first slide. Enjoy!

Welcome to the kingdom!

Welcome, my name is William and I am going to give you this tour of my kingdom and the things that happen in it. So I gave myself a good royal outfit and then I’ll be on my way to eehm… Well show you my kingdom!


Well this is my kingdom. As you can see, I have some alliances with other kingdoms that are around ours. But that’s fine; we are the coolest kingdom anyhow. Just don’t tell them I said that!


Let’s start by having a look at some of the sites that are in my kingdom. Here you see a nice stream running through the kingdom. Yeah even in Medieval times we care about aesthetics.


Here you see the two churches of our kingdom. I have no idea why they are so close together, considering that well… they are “rival” religions after all.


An interior view of one of the churches. It’s quite empty know, but wait until the mass begins.


A here we have a group of Sims playing the popular sport of Kingball. They just look like an ordinary bunch of Sims but if you look closely, you’ll see that one of them is actually not just ordinary!


Ah look, there is a Sim here to talk to me. But wait, don’t you recognize him? He’s the same guy that was playing Kingball just now. He’s actually one of my most trusted knights. Yeah I know he’s not wearing his shiny armor now, I don’t know why that is. Maybe he’s having it polished or something.


Aw look, there is his armor all bright and shiny. And just about time, as our knight is being challenged to a duel.


See how exciting this is?


Yeah, he’s getting tired. Well let’s just skip a few slides


Ok, so our knight won. Great, woohoo, there was much rejoicing and all that. Let’s move on.


Ah right, so here we have our doctor. Clearly she has someone opposite of her with the plague. Yuck, I hope he doesn’t visit my castle. I’ll tell my guards to send him somewhere else if he happens to drop by. Maybe to the pub, that guy looks like he could use a drink!


Well the doctor notices that there are two things we can do to this poor fella. Either we’ll place him onto this device, that looks somewhat of a medieval torturing device… which is correct, because that’s what it is…


…or we’ll ask the Watcher to do some magic things. Personally I’d prefer the first option.


Eehm… I don’t know why this slide is in here. Eehm, well let’s see. These are some chicken. What else to tell about them?


Ah as we make our way back to the castle, we walk into this fella. He’s the town teacher. I have no idea what he teaches… Must have something to do with dolls, or flags? Whatever it is, it must be interesting; even those bears are listening.


Well back to our noble knight. It looks like he’s again very busy in a swordfight with someone. At least we know he’ll fight fair and with honor.


Well this guy probably deserved a kick in the groin. I’m sure it was a fair and honorable kick!


Well, back at home, our knight is pretty tired from a long days work. So he goes to his loved one, to get some comfort. In the form of kisses and hugs, who doesn’t like that?


Ok… well hugging in the bed is also perfectly fine. I guess. Let’s quickly move on here!


Wait what’s this? Why is her belly so swollen? She probably ate way too much. I’ll tell the cook, to dial it down, food wise. Or maybe I’ll just eat their food. Yeah, that’s a better idea!


Wow what’s this? Suddenly there is new life in my kingdom. Why wasn’t I informed about this?


And what is our knight doing with it here? It’s hugging that new creature? Can someone tell me what’s going on here? I’m the king, I’m supposed to know this kind of stuff!


Well you look smart, why don’t you look it up in your big book, filled with pages and like eehm… you know, letters. So what is it? A baby? Ah yes of course a baby. I knew that, I was just testing you. Well you passed, well done.


Ah what do you know, it’s our lad with the plague. Well he doesn’t look so good now does he? Wait why is he falling on the floor? And why is that scary creating coming OUT of the floor? Oh wait… he just died. Too bad, let’s hope we can find a cure for this plague!


Well I think I’m all through my slides. I erm, hope you liked it. Now I need to get back to my royal duties. And tell my cleaning lady, that she missed a spot! Ta

End of slideshow

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